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What's New?

Offering Online Lessons

Since the stay home order has taken place due to the pandemic of COVID-19, I am proud to say that I offer online lessons to continue educating, inspiring and sharing the gift of music.

Online lessons can take place from anywhere to Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Duo and some others to name a few. 

This is a great way to continue to practice social distancing, being safe and still get the best out of your instrument. 

Many of my current students are finding a great experience from our online sessions and are continuing to progress, succeed and have fun! 

Semi-private and   Group Lessons

Need some motivation? Like team building and group support? Try signing up for some group or semi private lessons!

Learning a new instrument can be challenging and finding time and motivation can be overwhelming! Throughout my teaching career, I have found that semi-private and even group lessons is an entirely different environment than that of one on one lessons. 

Whether you are trying it with a close friend, or just meeting new people, this is a great way to find motivation, challenge yourself, learn from others and stay motivated!! Working with other students creates a team effort and I find that students who work together are far more successful than that amongst themselves.

It's especially great for students who are just getting started and want to try something new. It's even a great way to be creative and maybe even start a group with some close friends or even new ones.

Email me for more information about group lessons and semi-private lessons in my contact page. 

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