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Interested in Private Music Lessons? 

Email me. 

Please be sure to include:

** Your Email Address

** Your Name

** Subject: Private Lessons

** Message should include:

  • Description of the Instrument

  • Your Experience in the instrument

(Beginner, Intermediate etc.)

  • Your Age

  • Your Musical Interest

 (What do you want to learn from this instrument? What genre do you like? etc.)

"It's not what I do... It's who I am."

Private Music Lessons? Email me!

Thanks! Message sent.

Special Occassion/ Event? 


Looking to make your event a little extra special with some live music?

Let's plan it!

Please be sure to include:

** Your Email Address

** Your Name

** Subject: Special Occasion- (Type of Event; Birthday Party, Anniversary, Weddings etc.)

** Message should include:

  • A brief description of the Special Occasion/ Event

  • Date and Time of the Event

(Please be sure to contact at least

2 weeks before place of event to allow

planning and preparation)

  • Desired Hours of Entertainment

(Common times: between 2-3 hours)

  • Any additional details/ requests for your event

(Special message, type of music etc.)

Special Occasion/ Event? Let's do it!

Thanks! Message sent.

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